No Soda Pop?


On the way to & from the bus for school, my 13 yr old stepson has been stopping by my mother's home (she lives beside us) & going into her garage & taking soda for himself & his brother. The issue is not that this is only soda & that this is their step grandmother, so it is ok for them to take the soda....the issue is they (yes the one is doing it, but the other is just as guilty because he knows about it & he is taking the drink from his brother, know how it is being acquired) are going into someone else's home & taking what does not belong to them. To me, this is stealing regardless. How do I handle this? My husband will say, it's only soda & it's your mothers, she lets them have it anyway. Yes that is true, when they are guests in her home she lets them have it. To me, if they get by with this, what else will they take later? & yes my mother knows they are doing this & has the same concept I have on the issue.

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