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3.5 yo girl bed wetting


Our 3 1/2 + year old daughter ( will be four the end of this coming July) has been potty trained durning daytime hours since before the age of 2. She has never been consistently dry at night/has worn pullups at night. My husband and I read your potty training book and intstituted the plan outlined for overnight. For the last 3 weeks she has gone to bed in just a t shirt and does not wear pullups or underwear. She had about 4 dry nights altogether intially but has been mostly consistently wet. We follow the same routine for naps and she is consistently dry for naps. Our question is is there anything else we can do to help her be successful? We have mentioned a bed wetting alarm to her and she expresses interest in using one to help teach her body to stay dry at night. We know in your book that her age is cited as the younger age of the spectrum for using a bed wetting alarm but we are not sure she will have much success without one. Might we really just need to wait longer to see if she'll start to be dry? If not do you recommend a certain brand of bed wetting alarm? We had looked at a Sleep Dry brand but that one clips to the child's pjs/underwear and right now she isn't wearing any as outlined in your plan? Would it be ok for her to wear pjs/underwear with that alarm? Thanks!

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