20 mo girl resists using potty


Help! I am potty training my 20 month old daughter. She was already using the potty on occasion and sitting on it all the time. I didn't expect the level of resistance I am now experiencing. I have been following the book, so Day 1 started with no more diapers and two potties in her play areas. She refused to use the potty even once. I tried to leave her to be independent, but she was constantly asking to use the potty. She would sit w/o going, get off and pee on the floor or on me. We persevered. Day 2, I tried the potty bell and the doctor. That had no effect on her. She refused and peed all over the house. Day 3, I decided to gate her in an area and use the potty bell. This has allowed me some peace, so glad we are going this route. When the timer goes off, I have to force her to sit on the potty. She went a few times, but only because we made her sit. Day 4: She seems to hate the potty bell and refuses to sit when it goes off. I've been setting it for an hour after a pee, then if she refuses, 20 more minutes, then 20 more minutes and so on. She held it for three hours. I gave up on the timer. I knew she had to pee, so I kept a close eye on her without asking her to sit. I finally gave up and was getting her diaper ready for her nap time, but she sneaked away and went to the potty on her own. Should I continue with the timer? It seems to only create resistance. If so, what should I do instead?

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