4 Year Old Include Disrespect on Tickets?


Sarah, Thanks for responding with your thoughts to my email about our daughter and the school situation. We had a feeling from the start that it might not be a good fit. We noticed her really becoming more of a brat at school and at home pretty early on so she is finished with going there. Now that she's home were dealing with a lot of misbehaviors that we are trying to "undo" from the school and its quite overwhelming! We are back to tickets and thats working well for those misbehaviors. However not sure how to handle some other issues.

One example is her attitude/responses to me and my husband when ever asked or told to do anything. Her tone is disrespectful, she will either answer out of anger (like an agitated "what!) or forcefully grunt with such annoyance when you speak her name. Also at times her response will be to completely ignore or to mumble in an incoherent tone and when asked to speak up or told I cannot understand what you are saying she then thinks its humorous to continue mumbling. Today she confronted me with an exasperated grunt after being told to do something so I removed all her remaining tickets and sent her to her room because I feel the disrespect is progressing too far. Since we are working on other issues with our target list was this an appropriate way to handle her disrespectful attitude? Or should it be our next misbehavior on the target list?

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