4 year old biter


Hi! First off thanks so much for all the great advice and support and I am always amazed at the promptness! Really appreciate it. Especially as I write in often! Our 4.5 year old has gone back to the biting stage. She bit quite often as a two year old (same time her brother and sister were born) and then seemed totally rid of it as a three year old and in preschool. Sometimes when she's mad at her two and a half year old t brother and sister (twins) but usually just a soft bite of my or her dad or grandma kinda out of nowhere. It's hard to describe. It never really hurts just kind of alarming and very rude. She also still puts toys in her mouth and will walk around carrying things in her mouth. It's so strange. She doesn't have a favorite doll or blanket, never used a pacifier. Maybe she's self comforting with random objects? What should we do?

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