12 yo Never gets what he wants


My oldest son is about to turn 12. I mostly have no issues with him. He is an excellent student (in fact he is quite bored in school and complains constantly about it being too easy). He does his chores. Our financial situation does not allow for much spoiling, though the kids have everything they need and lots of books and toys (some electronic). We also tried but discontinued allowance due to the situation. He is complaining that I never get him anything (specifically he wants new electronic games or Lego) and no allowance. Now that his birthday is coming, we agreed that everyone in the extended family will chip in for a laptop which he needs for schoolwork. But he is sulking every day because he also wants a $200 Lego set. I said there is no way we can afford both, but he is giving me a major guilt trip. He is a good kid and I want to once in a while give him what he wants, but if I truly can't, how do I deal with his perception that he never gets anything, even for his birthday!

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