3 year old Potty Refusal, Reader Weighs In


I saw the recent question about the 3 year old refusing to use the potty at school, and figured I would share this story hoping it will help. I had a similar situation with my now 17 year old son. I had to return to work for financial reasons, so he had to go to day care. He wasn't defiantly refusing to use the potty, but was having trouble "remembering" to stop playing and use the potty when he needed to. I told the teacher about the trouble and she said "no problem". As part of welcoming him to the class told my son how wonderful it was that he was able to use the potty, and introduced him to one of the older children (ages 3-5 in the room) who would be his "partner" and show him the ropes (for using the potty as well as other things, like where to nap, how to clean up after lunch etc.) When she announced that it was time, the 5 year old would gather up my son they would go together and take care of business. If I remember correctly, there were 2 or 3 potties in a room, so they could go in together. The 5 year old trained my son in about a week! Good "leadership" opportunity for the 5 year old, willing compliance from my son, and eternal gratitude on my part :-) So, if there is another boy in this child's classroom who is already trained, maybe a little peer guidance might help. Good luck!

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