7 year old Rude, Selfish, Disrespectful


My son just turned 7 years old. He pesters his 3 year old sister. He will hurt her if he gets angry, frustrated, or upset. He argues with her and counters most of what she says (starting the arguments). He throws fits when he doesn't get his way with me. He argues, whines, and complains to me. He answers me disrespectfully (instead of with 'yes maam'). And on and on and on really. Bottom line the boy is rude, selfish, and disrespectful. Of course, living with this madness (I homeschool), I want to fix all of the behavioral issues at once but I know that's not wise. I need your help! What should I start with and how? What should just be an absolute intolerable behavior that trumps tickets or whatever? Should I kick him out of the garden or something else? He doesn't take me seriously and it's frustrating. Thanks in advance!

PS He is an attention hound and seems to always need someone's attention (which may be why he pesters and argues). I don't really care if that's why he does certain bad things but just the attitude of desiring an exorbitant amount of attention is obnoxious and irritating.

PPS I truly do love him and believe he can do better. I'm just currently at the end of my rope.

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