6 yo girl acting out


I had emailed several times last year when my then 5 year old was in pre k and we were having numerous behavioral issues at home. It turned out that she was hanging out with a girl at school all the time that was rubbing off on her to the point that we had to have them separated and asked to not be put in the same class this year for kindergarten. Things have greatly improved once this happened and things this year have been back to normal with our sweet daughter on the most part.

I recently started emailing again about behavioral issues at home that started up 3 weeks ago - it is like I have a totally different child that is now disrespectful, doesn't mind and rude….last night before bed - we were talking and she said - I wish I could have "Martha" over to play but I know you will say no. My heart stop since we have not heard that child's name for over a year. I said - oh, how is "Martha" these days? and she said - she is so nice, she isn't like she use to be - Apparently they have been hanging out at recess where all the kindergarten classes go once a day - the school believe this is a good opportunity to get to see other kids that are not in your class so you can all play together - it's not watched that closely by the recess teachers.

It is funny because I told my husband a week ago that she was acting just like she did when they were hanging out with this child last year….and it all started at recess.

She is 6 going on 16 - I do not want her around this child but there is only so much I can control- which is what she does once she gets out of school. She is in "lower school" now, so they don't hand hold like they did in "primary school". I know this other child is still acting the same - several parents have mentioned her behavior over the year and I was just glad it wasn't us having to deal with it this year….but apparently we are now.

How do you handle this - I feel like if I say too much she will just do it and not tell me….we want our sweet daughter back!!!

Thank you!

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