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Hi there-

In regards to my last husband and I are the Grace of God....still together and he has finally willingly agreed to go to counseling. Just wanted to share that. :-)

My son is now 3 years old. As an infant, he ate anything. He has grown increasingly picky about food.
We rotate the same foods....pancakes, sausage, potatoes, yogurt, pizza, mac-n-cheese, grilled cheese, PB&J, and he recently discovered spaghetti. For snacks its cheddar cheese, Pirates Booty, sometimes apples, oranges and raspberries....or anything with sugar.

I can spend an hour making something for us and I will set it in front of him and he will just push the plate away...saying "no" without even tasting it.

I'm not even talking about plain ole veggies.... He wont eat chicken, any type of casserole, soup.

I eat relatively healthy.....salads, veggies, chicken, fish. My husband? Burger King, taco Bell, Pizza hut. No veggies, fruit or anything resembling it except potatoes and corn. Early in our marriage I tried to compromise and make things we would both like. He finally admitted to me "I don't like healthy food and I wont eat it." So, i was upset for a bit but then realized I was set free.

He is perfectly fine fending for himself. And regarding things we will BOTH eat: i.e. spaghetti....If I just plan on it, there's a 50/50 chance he wont 'feel like it' I'd better be sure to ask him first. Really....I have tried EVERYTHING to get him (Dad) to try to be a good example regarding food....but he wont budge.

So, as you can see, we are dysfunctional regarding food. We don't sit down at the dinner table together more than 2 times a week but when we do, half the time we have 3 different things on our plates.

When AJ sees daddy eating something different than mommy.....I'm sure he thinks its ok.....and he almost always wants to trade plates with daddy. In my opinion It's just encouraging picky-ness? Am I wrong?

So, all this to say....I'm wondering how to handle this. I would love it if I could make something for AJ and I and then his dad will fend for himself.

Is he old enough yet to tell him that he can eat what's on his plate or nothing? You know, the whole....going to bed hungry thing?
Or am I fighting an uphill battle that I just need to accept?
Is his dad essentially sabotaging his son's healthy dietary choices and I can do very little to counteract it?

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