6 year old bedtime


My daughter is 6 years old and in kindergarten - we have had our ups and downs this year with her behavior. Usually it's 2 weeks good and then 1-2 weeks bad. Last week we were on spring break - we have a lakehouse along with another family that we do a lot of social things with because our girls are the same age. I notice after my daughter had spent some time over at their lakehouse - she retuned to our house acting horrible - being so rude and disrespectful, not minding me at ALL, not listening and it hasn't stopped since spring break has been over - a week ago.
I put her to bed tonight at 7pm….it is now 8:15 and she is still up and just came out of her room for a 4th time. We put a lock on the outside of her door, but she does get up during the night to use the bathroom so we can't lock it at night. I tried locking it one night and when I unlocked it before bed - it woke her up. Bedtime is completely exhausting to me as I am also putting my 3 year old down - who naps - so I try and put her down first - she is a child that requires a lot of sleep and it's hard when my husband comes home at 6pm - she gets all rev'd back up because she is excited to see him and then takes hours to go to sleep.
I am stressed out, upset - trying to figure out how a 6 year old could act like this. She knows we don't allow this in our house - we have gone over the rules. She is away from the other child that we were with over spring break so I thought things would fall back in place by now - but they haven't.

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