23 month old Potty Fears


We just started to potty train our 23 month old son. He is acting extremely fearful of the toilet/potty. We have two small little potties (one for each floor of the house) that we leave out and one potty seat for the "big" toilet so he options. When we attempt to put our son on the toilet or potty he has a loud, long lasting temper tantrum. When he has an accident in his underwear he has a temper tantrum. As we are changing the underwear and cleaning the accident, he continues the temper tantrum. The crying continues well after he is off the toilet and/or in new underwear.
The daycare center puts him in diapers because they cannot deal with the crying and screaming.
We try to act calm and remind him that "pee pee goes in the potty" and lead him to one, but it's constant screaming!
Is our son not ready? How do we continue from here?

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