12 year old disrespect


My 12 year old son is sometimes very mean and yells at me, mom, when be wants his way. He also, is disrespectful sometimes and acts crazy and imature to his piano teacher. He is very smart and does well in shool, he is very advanced in piano..ahead of most kids and is very talented with the game of tennis. He knows the difference between good and bad behavior and will speak of other kids acting poorly. He is absolutely impatient and pushes to get his way most the time. I can take the world away from him but that just makes him hard hearted. He is my forth and last child and I've homeschooled them all. At this point I'm pretty sure I will send him to a high school in two years when he is ready, but he still has his 7th and 8th grade year with me, I want him to be kind and giving. Could you make suggestions?

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