7 yr old "half-stepper"


Our 7 year old son has trouble following through or doing anything right. He has a chore chart of things he is to accomplish every morning, and other family expectations such has putting shoes away and hanging up his jacket. Not a day (or hour) goes by that we don't have to tell him to do something because he "forgot". It is exhausting. We feel like all we do is harp on him and tell him all the things he is doing poorly because we can't seem to find anything positive to say. We have 3 boys and his younger brothers do a better job at putting shoes away, putting dishes away, and putting things in their place. We put him to bed early, and at times he has spent most of the day in his room. We have taken away all electronics and done anything we can to try and get him to do things without us having to ask. It seems like nothing motivates him for the long term. He will do a tiny bit better and then go back to "forgetting". It is so frustrating for us. Especially when we see our other two kids being more compliant.

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