3 Year Old Playing Instead of Sleeping


My little girl just turned three a month ago, and moved into a toddler bed. She loved it the first two weeks, and even put herself to bed early so that she could sleep in it as much as possible (normal bedtime is 6:30pm, and she was wanting to crawl in at 5:45). However, in the last week, she has been getting up out of bed and playing in her room. Sometimes she uses the potty that is in her room, which is fine, but this last week she has just seemed very awake, and she will wet her panties, get up, try to change her clothes, start to play, open up all her drawers, etc. Just a minute ago, I heard a thump, and I went up to find that she had pulled down a quilt that was hanging on her wall. She doesn't try to leave her room, and she doesn't cry. She makes a big mess, but without the thump of all the drawers opening, etc. I would hardly know she wasn't in her bed, especially since her door is closed and she doesn't open it. Just now, I opened her door and put up the gate instead, which she didn't want me to do, but frankly, I didn't give her a choice. I can hear her better that way, and she seems to think she has less privacy to fool around. The only reason this feels like a problem to me is I fear she will not get enough sleep. She has always been a 12 hour a night sleeper, and mood wise, she needs her sleep. Should I just ignore her getting up, or what? I need guidance.

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