Kids Participating in Religious Meetings



My wife and I are both religious and have brought the children up in that environment. We are not overly strict and never force our belief on them, rather we try to guide them.

A couple of times a week we all go through a friends house where we sing some religious songs and read nice stories
It's all very informal.

My kids tend to go outside and sit in another room and last night I said they should come in, they don't have to take part but they can be there for an hour and draw, read or some other quiet activity.

My boy aged 8 became upset when I told him to stay in the room and said he finds the meetings so boring.

I feel that when we are at our friends having these meetings the children should stay in the room and do a quiet activity rather than going in other rooms at our friends houses.

Am I right to expect them to do this a couple of times per week?

My worry is the children seeing God as someone they don't like because they feel forced to stay in the room.

Thank you

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