4 year old bedtime issues


Our almost-4-year-old has become in the habit of calling for Daddy after going to bed, either to ask to go to the bathroom, or for various other lesser issues, such as wanting water, readjust her covers, needing a tissue, etc. When we were potty training, we felt it was important to always answer the "I have to go to the bathroom" call, and then Daddy got into the habit (sadly) of answering all other calls as well. We've tried setting boundaries by not answering the calls, which quickly elicits cries and is likely to wake her 7-month-old brother. We've recently tried a ticket system, giving her two tickets before bed; each one allows for a visit from Daddy after bedtime. If she doesn't use them, she gets a treat in the morning for each ticket. If she uses them both, no treat. If she continues to call, then we take away a morning privilege. When discussing the ticket system with her, she seems motivated to get her rewards and avoid having her privilege taken away, but after bedtime she tends to quickly burn through the tickets, and then has her privilege taken away. What is your advice on how to eventually break both our daughter and her Daddy out of their respective habits?

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