8 year old issues


Overwhelmed with issues.....
Our 8 year old son has verified life threatening (anaphylactic) food allergies to peanuts, wheat, eggs, dairy and others. He was recently diagnosed by a psychologist with specific learning disability with impairment in written expression (315-2), learning disability with impairment in mathematics (315.1) adjustment disorder with disturbance of conduct (309.3) The diagnosis said “Rule-out: Unspecified attention-deficit-hyperactivity disorder (314.01)”. The test was responding to consistent behavioral issues in school as he repeats first grade. I read your book Diseasing of American’s Children cover to cover this weekend and know we need to do some things differently about discipline. We already limit screen time to 2-5 hours per week. His diet is already wheat free, dairy free, GMO, dye free, although very picky eater (due to food allergies). Question… you debunked ADHD effectively but what about the LD in written expression and math. Are those real? We consider the difficulty in writing and math as an influencer in his behavior issues. Where do we start?

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