4 yo Won't Sleep!


Do you have any advice to help a child get more sleep, or better sleep. My 4 year old's bad behavior most of the time can be pinpointed to lack of sleep, but mostly by his choice, not our schedules. We always put him down for a nap, and sometimes he takes it, others he just wrestles in bed. He has problems being calm, especially when tired, which prevents even more sleep. His brain just doesn't turn off. He probably would be diagnosed with ADD, but I also believe that's a bunch of hogwash.

Without a nap and good sleep at night, he is bouncing off the walls and has a horrible time focusing. Some days, even with a nap, he won't fall asleep until 8 or 9 and always wakes up at 6:30 or earlier, no matter bedtime. Some mornings, he wakes up really early because he has to go potty and won't fall back asleep afterward. I just can't seem to figure out the formula, on how to help him get the sleep his body needs. The weeks he's gone without a nap, he is defiant and hyper at preschool and home. And other days with naps, he stays up so late in his bed at night, that he is tired and cranky the next morning. Even with the time change, he is still getting up at 6:30 (which was 5:30 a week ago). When he behaves badly, we put him to bed early, like the "doctor" says, but still he won't fall asleep until late. He's not at the age he understands he's missing out on staying up late.It is so hard when I feel his behavior is directly link to sleep, which no one can force him to get. Any suggestions?

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