13 yo Inappropriate Cell Phone Use


I’m not sure how to handle this situation; any advice will be greatly appreciated. Here it goes: Back in Oct my daughter turned 13 and her father bought her a phone. I wasn’t thrilled, but I gave her the benefit of the doubt and allowed it into my house. Within a month or two she got it taken away (by me) for inappropriate use. I took it away for 30days and the phone and all electronic devices were to stay downstairs at all times when it was returned. Little did I know she snuck her tablet (that was supposedly lost at her dads house) into her room and had been watching inappropriate videos, texting - during the night. I informed her dad and the phone is now banned from coming back to my house and all devices are gone, until I feel like I can trust her again. ((I never gave her a time, so maybe that was bad on my part??))
The other day it dawned on me that I hadn’t seen one of my old phones that is normally on my desk, when I asked her she said “she hadn’t seen it” well yesterday I found her using it in her room texting and watching Youtube videos through the internet. I’m so disappointed in her choices and I’m at a loss on what the consequences should be.
I have come up with suggestions like: it’s going to be even longer before she gets her tablet back and her door to her room might be coming off, since I can’t trust her. Her response was “I don’t care, there isn’t a whole lot in what you can do-you have already taken away everything” (meaning her phone and tablets and she’s already gotten kicked out of her garden once before) She does have a month left in gymnastics-should I cancel it early and have her pay us back for the tuition? I want a consequence that will send a message, but I’m afraid she’s right- I am running out of options, or at least I’m feeling that way.
Thank you for your time…

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