14 year old Can't Stop Talking


My eldest stepson is 14 yrs old. He is constantly in trouble at school for excessive, loud talking during class. He has always had an issue with this his whole life. He is very immature for his age, & I know he is trying to get attention, though he is drawing negative attention to himself. His father & I have talked to him MANY times about this. He doesn't listen to anything. He lacks motivation, is extremely lazy, does not play sports (what sports he has played, each coach has said that he refuses to follow rules/ orders), eats constantly, will not bother to study (we have no idea when tests/quizzes are & he usually fails them, though he gets enough points in other areas that he maintains a passing grade) & has few friends. His father has lacked issuing discipline to him & his 13 yr old brother, mainly for fear that the boys will want to go live with their mother, who issues NO rules or discipline. How do I stop this excessive loud/obnoxious habit & get him to listen & follow rules? We have taken electronics from him for days/weeks. Nothing seems to help.

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