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My oldest son is almost 11. His father works third shift, and I work first shift. We live in a smaller town with grandma right down the street. Currently, son and I wake up around 5:00am and get ready, I take him to grandma's and then go to work. Dad picks him up around 6:30am and takes him to school. Son, Dad and I would all like to try letting him sleep in the morning until 6:30am. He would be home alone, with a phone, smoke alarm, deadbolt etc. for about 1 hour and we all feel he would be safe. There are no laws about this in our state, just a "guideline." Grandma, however, is totally freaked out by this idea. I have even suggested that she come to our house in the morning so son can sleep later. No dice. I am not sure why 45 mins of a sleepy grandson's company is so important to her. He does see her regularly, not counting the morning visits. Should I just drop this one?

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