Picky eater during visitations


My stepson, who is about 3 1/2, is refusing to eat what we serve when visiting us. He spends every Tuesday evening and Wednesday afternoon with us, as well as every other weekend. No matter what we have, he will sit at the table and refuse to eat or pick at his food, eating teeny tiny bites until his (older) brother is done eating. I know all of the suggestions that John usually offers and I agree with them. However, he is apparently telling his mom that we are not feeding him, which is NOT cool. He eats at grandma's Wednesday day while we work and since she feeds him whatever he wants to eat, he is not starving. My only concern is enforcing some kind of structure in our home. My husband and I don't want to cook special dishes for one member of the house; we would rather not eat mac n' cheese or hot dogs for breakfast either. I have so far tried the "one bite" system and no dessert etc, but it seems Elijah would rather just not eat with us. Suggestions?

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