4 yo Ticket System Works!


I just wanted to give some feedback concerning the ticket system. One of my dearest friends was having some difficulties finding effective discipline that works with her four year old daughter...So I suggested that she try the ticket system, even though I never had personally tried it. I've read plenty about it and thought it's a method that makes sense. I will be trying it out when my son turns three (he's barely two years old). I told my friend all about the method and sent her information on how to use it. She's used it for her daughter yelling and screaming at her parents, and picking up a household pet (the hamster) without permission. She said the ticket system has been a lifesaver and it has been the only thing that has worked. I would like to add that her daughter is very smart and a well behaved child. She just needed to work with her daughter on a few behaviors before getting out of hand. It upset her daughter to loose a ticket so much that she never ended up loosing three tickets in a day, therefor she was never sent to her room for the rest of the day. My friend couldn't believe how well it worked, especially since nothing else she tried ever did and her daughter being so strong willed.

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