13 yo Underachieving


My eldest son will be 13 Saturday. He has had a constant issue with being responsible and turning in homework the past two years. I have attended several of your speaking events and have a ton of your books. We have tried taking privileges away like phone, games etc. He was in his room for three weeks and said it was his problem he had to fix and bring his grades up. That was before Thanksgiving and then things got crazy with all the holidays and we couldn't truly keep him in his room while we traveled to see family. Since then his grades have gone down to three D's and a C. He has always made straight A's until two years ago. He was at a private Christian school and in fifth grade we tried the public school. He did ok but this year he is awful and says he hates the school, the teachers are mean to him etc. I am not sure what to do. He is not happy about himself and says things like he is an idiot and my life stinks, I wish I weren't alive etc. I know alot of it is drama but he has had a rough year with the teachers. I feel they have a label on him that goes with him each year and they look for him to do wrong. Fellow students have come to me and said William is always in trouble even though everyone else was talking or doing the same thing. He is separated in all classes. He is EXTRMELY brilliant and isn't reaching his full potential and doesn't care anymore about trying to do better. My husband and I are at our wits end. I want to take everything away after his bday and do what John Rosemond did to Erik. A month in his room bed by 7:30 every night (weekends too) no play with friends, no tv,games,etc. My husband isn't in agreement with that and thinks our son is too fragile right now to be that tough. Please help us with this and give us something that will help our son. Thank you so much.

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