4 year old bed time issue


My 4 year old generally goes to bed without a problem. But once we have a babysitter over, he does everything he knows he can't get away with when we are there. Last week, he got out of his room into his sister's crib, locking the door behind him. We came home as soon as we could and dealt with him. Tonight, we left at bedtime in attempt of a "dry run," explaining the punishment if he got out of bed. We were called and came home once he got out of his room and punished him. We have plans for another dry run in a few days. He knows he'll get in trouble, with a spanking and taking all his comforts from his room until he does well at bedtime for a sitter. But is there some other punishment we should do? Is this the right way to continue proceeding, even if his behavior doesn't change?

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