6 yo Ticket System


I need to get a grip with my 6 year old daughter. We have been struggling with her attitude (bossy, demanding, whiny) and after reading your articles, I do realize I am the one with the problem (talking and bargaining too much). So, I am going to start the ticket system. But I do have some questions. How do I make the expectations concrete when it comes to attitude? Would using "tone of voice" work? "Using manners" (we require mams and sirs/please and thank yous). I am struggling a bit with that. What should my expectations be with a 6 year old's attitude? Also, we usually eat dinner at 6pm (when the daddy gets home from work) and have kids in bed at 7pm. So if all of her tickets are gone by dinner, how does that technically work if she is generally going to bed right after dinner anyway? Thanks.

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