8 year old tantrums


My daughter asked me to contact you regarding her 8 year old son. He is the middle child of two girls. He has a problem with temper tantrums. Anything can set him off. During this tantrum, he spews nasty comments directed at his mother and father. The final straw was Jan. 29, his father's birthday, during which he wouldn't obey his father, said nasty remarks to him, and wouldn't wish his father a Happy Birthday, which was crushing to his father. After talking to my daughter, I said I would email you. During his meltdowns, he throws himself on the floor, screams and shouts insults.
He has thrown these temper tantrums for at least 6 of his 8 years. When he was tiny, he had to wear his shorts backwards, so he could see the pictures. His socks had to be just right, because they were "scratchy". Now, he won't wear certain clothes, because they're too tight. This will bring on a tantrum, especially when the school bus is due to come. He has never been on meds; never been to a child psychologist. At school he is a model child. At parent/teacher's conferences, they claim he is kind, considerate, gets excellent grades, etc., etc. Mom and Dad wonder if they have the right child! Dad and Mom have quit spanking him, because it doesn't work. They tried taking away his favorite games, etc., to no avail. Do you have any suggestions?

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