High School Junior School Morning Responsibilities


Our high school junior has asked this year to begin handling her own mornings. We agreed and think it will be a positive step toward independence. We let her know the expectations: She must set an alarm early enough to not be rushed. Her bed must be made and her bedroom floor clear of clutter. She is to eat a nutritious breakfast and pack a good lunch, and of course, get to school on time. She has exceeded at the latter due to getting rides with a friend who is wonderfully prompt but the other areas leave a lot to be desired. While the room is in good shape 80 percent of the time, it is her skipping breakfast and forgetting her lunch that is most concerning. As a family we have always modeled a protein-packed nutritious breakfast. On the mornings she eats anything, it's half a sugar-filled Pop Tart. She comes home famished and eats way too much way too fast then is not hungry at family dinner time. How do we address when we feel good nutritional habits are too important to let her suffer the natural consequences of eating habits?

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