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5 year old and extra curricular activity


I have a 5 year old (she will be 6 in May). She is currently in kindergarten. She is an only child but plays very well by herself in the house. She has been that way since a very young age. While we do allow a little bit of Peppa Pig episodes (she watches it on the iPad when she eats breakfast), she really has no interest in games or shows (which is great). My husband is very interested in getting her into an activity (maybe gymnastics). She has attended that during the summer for the last 2 summers when she wasn't in school. I am not in a big hurry to enroll her in something that she is not asking to do. Part of that is b/c I didn't participate in a lot of activities as a kid so I don't feel rushed to do this with her (although I will give her more opportunities than my parents. What are your thoughts on when (what age) to enroll children in after school activities?

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