Night Music


My wife and I are struggling a bit to be on the same page in the management of our almost 15 yr old daughter. She doesn't have a phone or tablet, although I let her use mine for supervised periods of time. She loves music and recently her older sister gave her an MP3 player that just plays music. While my wife was away for a week tending to a sick mother, I realized she was listening to it with earphones as she was falling asleep. Although I wasn't crazy about the idea, in an effort to not manage, I did not stop this behavior. My wife returned and realized this was happening. I encouraged her that to stop the behavior would be micro managing. She disagreed and claims it's just concerned parenting (won't sleep well, habit forming, etc) and removed the player from my daughter's room for the night. Unhappy daughter and unhappy wife. Micro managing or concerned parenting?

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