2 yo Getting up at Night


My 28-month-old daughter has always been a good sleeper (and an on-again off-again medium-difficult kid to put to bed; I got advice from you a couple months back that was very helpful). However, for the past few days she's been waking up at 3:30 howling like she's been shot. I go in, give her a little cuddle, tell her it's time to sleep and I'll see her in the morning, and leave - she cries a little after that but generally goes back down. Is there anything else I can do (or not do?) about this, or do we just wait it out? The first time it happened my husband went in and ended up lying on the floor next to her crib for an hour, but I advised him against that sort of thing since I don't think it's good for any of us in the long run. Also, we live in an apartment building - luckily our downstairs neighbor is a saint, but I hate to think we're waking him up too!

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