20 Month Old Potty Accidents


My son is 20 months old and has been successfully using the potty for four weeks after I read Toilet Training Without Tantrums and used the N75 method. He routinely has a BM at home with me after breakfast, before I take him to his part-time preschool class. But in the past week or so, he's started having BM accidents in his pants at school (at varying times). He isn't having wet accidents at school. I am of the belief that he's hopping off the potty at home before he's really finished with his BM in the mornings, which later leads to an accident at school. I'm wondering if you have any advice or suggestions on how I can encourage him to stay on the potty longer at home in the mornings. I already leave a couple of books for him by the potty, but don't want to hover or micromanage.

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