29 Month Old 'Witching' Hour


My 29 month old daughter no longer takes a nap. She sleeps a solid 12 hours at night and I still put her in the crib for an hour each day after lunch for quiet time. She typically will remain quiet and look at books but rarely falls asleep during this quiet time.

EVERY day at 4:00 she "turns into a pumpkin." We are working hard to follow Rosemonds terrific twos book and seeing good success. She typically has great days. However, at 4:00 my daughter is tired and starts acting out (aggressive behavior, disobeying, wild, etc). It is a major change from the behavior of the previous part of the day. By the time my husband arrives home at 5:00 the house is in total chaos (which is not a representation of the day). It is a rat race until we put her to bed around 6:45. HELP ... I am hoping there is a very obvious solution/creative idea of how to help her have more success in this 4:00 - 6:00 window.

Thank you for your help, ideas!

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