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I have 14 and 16 year old daughters. I have just experience my first ( of I am sure many to come) big teenage "bad decision". I immediately revoked privileges to show that bad decisions result in bad consequences. A friend so kindly turned me onto John Roseman and I have almost completed "Teen Proofing", which is awesome I must add! Having said that, I have some serious "catching up to do" and would give my right arm for the "cliff note" version, if you will, of exactly where I go from here. I am trying to read all I can as quickly as I can to figure out my next steps. Is there a particular book, column, or series of any type that you recommend I read next? I joined the website a couple of days ago and have learned a lot already from some of the other parents questions and answers. As I look at the other books available on the website, they appear to be geared more toward the earlier years of parenting. Boy do I wish I could now go back a few years to implement some of the principles that I have now learned. Unfortunately, that is not possible; so where to you suggest I go from here? I would really like more specific information on dealing with these beloved teenage years.

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