9 Year Old Unmotivated in School


I have a 9 year old son 3rd grade. He is one of three triplets, if it makes a difference. He has had a decline in grades recently, kind of a slow decline over the school year. All B and C's now. I meet with his teachers this morning. And they emphatically all (3 teachers) agreed it’s his conduct/behavior causing the decline. They said ADD and really struggles staying on focus with class work. The teachers and I agreed to work together meaning they will let me know how his behavior is at school and I will motivate him at home if he isn't meeting expectation behavior wise at school. He isn't hyper by any means, but if he isn't interested in something he barely puts any effort into it and struggles staying on task. My other two kids seem to show concern about doing better in school where this one doesn’t. He is also the same with chores at home or anything that isn't fun or interesting to him. Having a hard time motivating him or finding what motivates him. Don’t throw anything at me when I say this but currently I have removed all video games (last two months). That used to really push him since he loves to play. Now I feel he has gotten numb to that consequence and would be up for suggestions on other motivations. No desert, early to bed perhaps? John has given me creative suggestions before that I don’t think of… Everyone I talk to says I should put him on meds for ADD (he isn’t hyper, just not focused and easily distracted), which is a last resort I prefer not to do. I do make him study nightly for a good 45min to an hour (sometimes 30 min of reading is part of that if all homework is done) and he does what he is supposed to for the most part. However it usually is done with minimal effort, messy etc... I will say the teachers do not feel he isn't smart enough and he does seem super smart, with the little effort he does put forth he gets decent grades. So if I could make him focus I believe he would be a straight A student. But wouldn’t all kids for that matter  any suggestions you might have I am open too…

Thanks for all your help!

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