18 Year Old Fails First College Semester


18 yr old twin daughter affected by her wayward twin sister-as in my last posts one twin daughter ran off living in sin with boyfriend & being financially supported by who knows who-heard she's driving a car with no registration, no license plates & no insurance-her boyfriends says she doesn't have to respect parents nor any authority-the other twin daughter still living at home has a mindset that she's 18 & everything will be handed to her & it's all about fun-she's a freshman in college-saw her grades today-she's failing the classes for her major-GPA is1.20-us parents pay 100% of college($860/month),she lives at home for free,drives our car-she only pays a month $50 cell phone (actual costs $110),$75 car insurance (car insurance is total of $270/month due to accidents she had & that's w/good student discount) We didn't see her do any homework/study for college this semester-We cant make her do well in college but what can we do to make her have a REALITY check & take responsibility for her college. I want to make sure she has a permanent memory of this so she will "care" more for college & her future. She's already on college academic alert & the classes she failed she has to take over-college will kick her out & they will NOT accept her again & it will go on a permanent record-she wants to get into Veterinary Medicine Field there's no way with this effort/grades.

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