6 Year Old Sleep Fears


My 6-yr old son is having trouble sleeping and staying in his room. He is waking on average 2x/night. We thought it was a phase, but is isn't stopping. If not allowed to stay in our room, we might find him in one of his older sisters' rooms. We have also found him on the floor in our room. We've discussed it and he has mentioned that he hears noises, there are ghosts, or he is afraid someone will break into the house. We've discussed noises (house settling, wind, etc) and also that the dogs would let us know if someone tried to come in and that the house is safe (we live in a very safe and quiet neighborhood). He seems to have the ability to discuss the issue rationally during the day, but has trouble at night. When he does go in his room, the lights must be on. This has been going on for nearly 2 months and happens every night.

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