20 month old Potty Training at Preschool


My son will be 20 months in a few days. After reading Dr. Rosemond’s book, we started N75 almost 2 weeks ago. I normally work full-time outside of the home, but was home with him during training. We have a part-time nanny, and he attends preschool (4 hours, 3 days per week) when our nanny is unavailable. My son did very well with N75 (using both the potty bell and gate from the start) and was having few if any accidents after only a few days. He started back to his part-time preschool yesterday, and I explained our system and progress to his teachers. The teachers initially seemed excited for him, but after he had 3 wet accidents on his first day, they are already advising that we put him in a pull-up while in class. I assured them he has done really well at home, that he learns by making mistakes, and I have confidence he will get the hang of it at school after a short transition.

They insist that it will not set him back to use a pull-up in class since we’re still using a diaper for naps/nighttime. From their perspective, his inability to pull his pants up and down by himself and the distractions of the classroom and other children make using the potty too difficult for him “at his age.” In other words, they don’t believe he’s capable of doing this before he turns two and can use a child-size toilet (they do not allow portable/freestanding potties) on his own. None of the other children in his class (some of whom are already two) are potty training yet. They have agreed to let him keep trying for another week. Taking him out of this part-time program is not an option for me right now. If I am forced to put him in something other than his thin underwear at school, which is the better option – a diaper, pull-up, or thick/absorbent training pants? Should I ask them to continue with the potty bell even if he’s in a diaper/pull-up, or is it better if I only do potty training while he’s at home with us or our nanny? I don’t want to confuse him and I’m now regretting my decision to go this far without realizing I would get such push back at school because of his age and inability to pull his pants on and off by himself. Any suggestions? I am so proud of him, but now I'm very frustrated and worried about falling back after all our hard work.

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