16 yo Dating


16 year old daughter -always been AWESOME student, a little disrespectful to mom, but otherwise almost perfect daughter....up to now. Became interested in 15 year old boy at school. We had a group of her friends over to our house to "hang out" one afternoon. Within a few hours, the boy proved himself NOT to be a gentleman with respect to how he treated my daughter (who has never dated). Her step dad and I called him and told him he was to "move on" that we were not going to allow them to have a relationship. We told our daughter the same and she did not seem to be bothered by this. Several weeks go by, during which our daughter gets her drivers license. I learn from school that she and the boy did not listen to what we said and had engaged in a relationship. She was talked into sending him pictures of herself on her phone (thank God no complete nudity) and she snuck out of our house at 3am one night with the intentions of going to meet him at his house an hour and a half away. Rumor had it that she was about to run out of gas, she told me that "she realized what she was about to do and turned around" (which I pray is the truth). Her friends had been trying to talk her out of a relationship with the boy as he was "bad news". When I learned about what was going on, I went ballistic to say the least. I took all electronics and have taken away her driving privileges. A friend recommended I read Teen Proofing, which I have almost completed. I guess my biggest question is where do I go from here? When and how do I give her phone and driving privileges back?

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