19 yo Keeping Secrets


My stepdaughter is 19 and I have been raising her alongside her dad, since we were married when she was 12. Her bio mother passed when she was 10. She has many serious problems which my husband does not want to acknowledge. However, I will keep this one question as simple as possible. Yesterday she told me she is bisexual, but told me to promise to not tell her dad. I am very torn. I do not keep secrets from my husband, and even though she is 19, I feel he should know, especially because I feel this is something she has been struggling with and is a part of many of her other serious issues, which my husband refuses to take seriously. I have her in counseling and she was just put on medication for depression. I believe this is something we as parents should be helping her navigate through. My husband is very traditional and conservative in his beliefs. Please help me, this is the first time I have no idea what to do. Thank you.

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