11 yo Social Issues


Our concern is our 11 year old grandson. Our daughter is a single parent, age 47 who is quite affluent. She is an excellent mother in some areas but neglects him in other ways. She has allowed him to play video games excessively because he is a straight A student in 5th grade.
He is in gifted but has no social skills and even seems to try to disqualify himself from friends. He tells us he would rather live in the virtual world where he can manage his own life and not have to deal with the real people in the world. He uses Mind Craft most of the time but does play some video games on the X-Box.

They moved to a new neighborhood from Florida a year ago. The neighborhood "Hadley Park" in Weddington, NC is very much a family-oriented community. At first they were welcomed but lately it appears they are being shunned. Four children have stopped playing with him. In fact one mother told her child (who in turn told our grandson) that our grandson was not suitable to play with.
Our daughter is a very pretty woman and we have not known her to be inapproriate with people. She has no interest in remarrying and just wants a peaceful life with a happy son and her two Yorkies. She realizes her responsibility is to raise her son and would not jeprodize him in any way. Her social connections are next to nil as we are all new to this area. It appears single moms are at a disadvantage beyond belief. The single-mom organizations tend to be moms with girls, and he needs to have more boys to interact with. Sport has been tried with little success. He is more "nerdy" and less sports inclined.

Please offer some insight for us. We are worried sick.

Thank you.

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