4 yo Bothering Baby


Our daughter is 4 years old and our son is a year old. About half the time when the children are playing, our daughter becomes possessive with the toys and prevents her brother from accessing items he wants. My husband and I remind her that the toys are for them both and that her job as the big sister is to share with him. She also tends to want whatever toy little brother is playing with even if she is hands full with items. As a result, she will snatch or grab items from her little brother which sometimes causes him to fall off balance and or begin crying. She's on tickets for disobedience, so when she does not comply with sharing, she loses a ticket. What else, if anything, can we do to teach her to share with her brother. By the way, we have tried removing all toys from the family room telling her that they will not be returned until a designated time (say the next day). We then pull out lids and plastic cups and bowls for our son to play with. Of course, she then wants those items too and proceeds to confiscate them from her brother. Help!

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