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16 YO Drug Use


Recently I called the police on my son. I called the police for two reasons: 1) my son ordered some drug paraphernalia via mail that I found, opened and confiscated; 2) because my son got very angry and out of control over me opening his mail and for not giving him the items he ordered (cigarette/joint paper and a smoking/marijuana pipe). My son was being verbally abusive, was threatening to hit me and take things out of my room since I would not give him the items he ordered via mail. Though I am confident in my ability to defend myself if my son would have attempted to hit me, I decided for the reasons stated to call the police and thought it would be more serious reality check for what he had done/was doing. However he was very angry and upset that I had called the police and has not talked to me since (he also had to leave my apartment and is currently back with his mom). Questions: a) What guidelines would you suggest for when parents should get the police involved in a situation with their kids; b) Would you give me your feedback on this situation and suggestion for how best to move forward with my son from here? Thank you.

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