10 year old visiting bio mom


My ten-year-old's biological mother has not visited or attempted to make contact in more than five years. I have always been his mom; his friends and teachers don't even know that I'm "not".
Said biological mother was recently arrested on a drug charge and while she was in jail, the county's IV-D (child support division) noticed that she was more than 30,000 dollars in arrears. Considering the huge amount, my husband and I didn't have a choice about it; the state pressed charges.
She has decided that since she is now in jail because of "her son", she would like to have supervised visitation with him. (This would be at the jail.) We have been told that unless we convince her to sign away her parental rights, we cannot legally withhold her child. We have asked for, and been granted, a hearing to establish abandonment against her but the hearing will not be soon enough to avoid her right to visitation.
I'm not sure what to do. On one hand, she IS his mother, but on the other, what will he think of ME now? Maybe I am being totally selfish but I am also worried about the emotional implications of this situation. Advice?

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