15 yr old makes lousy choices


My son is 15 and a sophomore in high school and has a girlfriend who is 14 and in eighth grade. They have been talking on the phone, texting, and maybe seeing each other at a football game. They had sex after school on Nov. 11th. Long story short, it got to the school resource officer who turned it over to law enforcement. We do not know yet if he will be charged with anything, which could be a felony in our state. He was grounded from going anywhere with friends at that point. The problem we are having is that he keeps trying to see the girlfriend. We first caught them passing notes through our younger son and we stopped that. Then they began texting once she got her phone back and he was loaned a phone from his friend (the police have his phone now). We talked to the girl’s grandma and she was amicable and did not want our son charged. She did not mind if they talked and perhaps see each other under supervision after time passed. We allowed them to talk but he was still grounded. Then on Dec. 1st we caught him seeing her at the middle school before school (it is close to the high school). We continued with the grounding. He apologized to the grandma and we discussed selling his truck. His attitude was better and he seemed to understand the situation better after we told him it’s his last chance. Well, today (Dec. 8th) he was caught at the middle school again. He has mostly A’s aside from one C and one D (he is struggling with Biology). Being 15 he does not have a job and pays for gas. He referees during soccer season and wrestles. We are at a loss at this point. He has a truck that was from his older brother that he has paid some to fix it up. Do we sell it? Do we transfer him to another school district?

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