3 yo toilet training success!


FOR JOHN: An update re: toilet training
Back in May I wrote regarding our challenge to toilet train our daughter due to a constipation issue. At the end of May, I was able to get an appointment for my daughter with a physician's assistant who specializes in GI issues. After providing her with my daughter's history with painful bowel movements, she recommended putting her back on the Miralax as was previously recommended by her MD, but this time adding a probiotic and closer monitoring. She stated that her previous constipation issues and associated pain led her to hold her bowels until she was relaxed, usually while playing, sufficiently enough to release and until she experienced regular pain-free BMs she would continue the "holding" pattern and the accidents. After two weeks of checking BMs for applesauce consistency, adjusting the medicine every three days until the right dose was determined, and many messy accidents, she began achieving BM success on the toilet!

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