7 yo Withholding Wrongs


Our second grader (seven years old) was just written up for not staying in her seat on the school bus. She’s never been in any trouble at school before. The principal and the vice principal both spoke to her, plus we have a form we all need to sign and send back to the school. She rides the bus with her five year old brother. When school began this year we instructed them to sit together in the front of the bus, but the driver gave her assigned seating in the back with another child. (It’s a full-sized bus but there are only ten kids on it). We weren’t surprised to hear that our kids were getting a little out of control with their peers in the back of the bus (her brother was written up as well). We recommended to the school that both our kids sit together in the front. We spoke to her (and her brother) about the importance of staying safe on the bus and respecting the bus driver, but we didn’t punish them further.
I don’t expect any more behavioral problems.

My concern is this: She knew she was going to get written up a day before we heard anything about it, and she didn’t tell us. I can’t say I’d have done it differently at her age, but I would like to foster a relationship where she can come to us when she’s in trouble. Do you have any suggestions?

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