Follow up to 16 year old Brat


Follow up to 16 year old brat
Thank you! I just want to clarify a few things to make sure we are on the same page. 1. We have said no many times. No to an expensive elite music group, no to expensive phones, no to private lessons, no to driving and a car. 2 This hasn't been going on since he was little. So, that is good news, I hope. We had many boundaries throughout his life.

It has been in the last 2 years. He didn't start music until middle school and it turned out he was amazing. The problem then started in high school when the band teacher declared "band is your life" and my boy believed it . . . and then when more opportunities opened up for him, he started acting very entitled -- plus his friends got more since their parents threw money their way, so my boy was angry at us. The band teacher would tell the kids "money shouldn't be the issue", and then my boy would be angry with us when we said no.

The BRAT problem is escalating because we do say no. But you are right, we "gave in" to much. Yes, I do want to reform our son.

So, the problems have become even worse because we are saying no and the more we say it, the more of a BRAT he becomes. But, I think you are still going to say, we haven't said NO enough and to up the stakes even more.

I think you are right and we will do it!

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