22 month old potty training


We are on day 6 of potty training our 22 month old son. He has not once gone on the potty by himself. The few times he has had success were from noticing he had to poop once and then after a quick car ride by just placing him on the potty. He got excited about dumping it in but still makes no attempts to get their on his own and does not seem to mind being wet at all as he rarely lets me know. He has started to resist the potty and even sometimes throw a tantrum when I try to change his wet undies.

We started the potty bell this afternoon. Still no success yet. He cannot take his undies on and off by himself so he needs my help. I saw it suggested to let a little boy go completely naked in one other post, yet your book suggests undies for boys. Which is the better option for a toddler who cannot remove his undies? Is it okay for me to help him? And on what day should we try another method (such as gate) if this does not prove to be successful?

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